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I have always loved crystallised (candied) ginger and used to eat it a lot pre keto. I have missed it a lot so when I found out Jennifer was bringing some to Ketofest I was delighted. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Fiery, full on ginger with just enough sweet to satisfy without being too sweet like the regular sugar stuff is. The only trouble I had was sticking to a serving size – I didn’t! Love, love, love this product!

Daisy Brackenhall

Candied orange peel was my favorite candy pre low-carb, and your sugar free version is just as good!!
I WANT MORE …I was sad when I finished my bag. I didn’t even want to share it with my man Kevin, but I did, because I’m nice.

Brenda Zorn

ZOMG the orange rind candy is magical!

Karen Ogilvie

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Meet the passionate people that bring your healthy low-carb / keto candy dreams to life

Will Brame

Head Confectioner

  Chief Confectioner and co-owner of Moon’s Grove Farms, Will Brame has been cooking for himself and friends since his teens.  With a personal fondness for baked goods and regional cooking (he hails from the Missouri Ozarks), he happily turned…

Jennifer Kleiman


Jennifer lives on a 10-acre farm in Athens, GA with her two partners, Gloria and Will. She is a former math professor and currently does coding and IT management for an employee benefits company, devoting her spare energies to Moons…

“Our mission is to produce healthy candy that enhances healthy lifestyles. White sugar is damaging, diabetes and obesity are beyond epidemic levels and most sugar substitutes out there are not healthy or don’t work for candy, but allulose is healthy and can be used for candy. Many food companies are using allulose combined with other sketchy ingredients that might be less than wholesome, but we will always use clean, simple, natural ingredients.”

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