Will Brame

Head Confectioner
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Co-author of Different Loving, archaelogist, home chef, keto enthusiast.


Will Brame keto weight lossChief Confectioner and co-owner of Moon’s Grove Farms, Will Brame has been cooking for himself and friends since his teens.  With a personal fondness for baked goods and regional cooking (he hails from the Missouri Ozarks), he happily turned out biscuits and gravy, pasta and bread, pastries and five-course carb-heavy dinners at home.  In his 30s, a career switch changed his activity level.  He went from being a professional archaeologist who hiked and excavated almost daily to being a writer/editor, which involves a lot of sitting around and staring into thin air.  Unfortunately, with a history of broken bones, scars and surgeries behind him, it became all too easy for him to fall into a sedentary lifestyle.  It was a vicious cycle! The less he moved, the more his weight inched up;  the more weight he gained, the worse he felt; the worse he felt, the less he felt like moving.  Preparing dinner for his family became his favorite stressbuster because he could cook and eat all his favorite foods.  He became a culinary artist, studying books and experimenting with thousands of recipes.  The food was AMAZING but by the time he was 55, he had reached over 400 pounds.

When Jennifer was diagnosed with diabetes, she asked Will to adapt his dinner menus to her Keto requirements.  It didn’t take long for him to see the light.  He loved the revolutionary new recipes Jen shared with him.  With all he’d read and studied about food, it made sense to him that highly processed foods like sugar and bleached flour were bad for your underlying health.  He was delighted to learn that pork belly and bacon were Keto.  He stopped cooking Keto just for Jennifer and converted to Keto as a matter of nutrition.  He began making his own hand-cured bacon and pancetta and baking Keto cookies. The pounds started to melt off him.  He realized you don’t have to sacrifice intense flavors to eat healthy   As of this writing, he has lost nearly 200 pounds on Keto while dramatically improving his mobility, his energy levels, his mood, and overall health   The guy who used to sit glued to his computer day and night puts in long, physically hard days at his professional kitchen and dashes around spryly to suppliers and stores for choice ingredients.

Will’s restlessly creative spirit has translated into careers as a lumber-jack, a carpenter, an editor, an archaeologist, and a best-selling author.  Somehow all his paths have led him back to his first true love:  making delicious food and sharing it with others.  His Keto journey gave him personal insights into the consequences of poor food habits and his cooking skills gave him a way to help people eat make better food choices.  He believes everyone can achieve their low-carb goals while taking joy in delicious, satisfying, sweet candy.  He knows that you don’t have to sacrifice deliciousness to eat healthily.

Will is still on his Keto journey and he couldn’t be happier with the successes he’s seen, both personally and professionally.    He really loves to see the surprised smiles on customers’ faces when they bite into one of his confections.  That’s because his products are 100% Keto and 200% YUM!