Jennifer Kleiman

Brief info

Programmer, math wiz, keto expert

Jennifer lives on a 10-acre farm in Athens, GA with her two partners, Gloria and Will. She is a former math professor and currently does coding and IT management for an employee benefits company, devoting her spare energies to Moons Grove Farms.

Jennifer was obese her whole adult life and content with that, until she got diagnosed with diabetes in 2014, with an a1c of 12.1 and signs of kidney damage, retinopathy and other side effects. Her doctor prescribed Metformin, Glipizide and Amaryl to help get her diabetes under control, increasing the dosage as the drugs failed to control the progress of the disease.

Finally, she realized that if she did not do something to take control of her health, she was going to die an early, miserable death. She started reading about weight loss and diabetes, and discovered the ketogenic diet. Her partner Will supported her choice and cooked ketogenic meals for her, then was amazed to see her weight peel off and diabetes symptoms resolve.

Today she is off all medication, maintaining her 100 lbs weight loss easily, and loving life. With her new-found health she is bursting with energy to share her experience and knowledge with others who are struggling with obesity and diabetes.

She is a passionate advocate for finding ways to savor good food while keeping health as the number one guiding principle.