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We are proud to make our candy available on Amazon!  

Back in November 2018 we activated sales on Amazon and were almost immediately shut down. The Amazon Seller Support team initially gave us a reasonable request to provide seller identification documents (tax ID, license, etc). We did so promptly, thinking that it was very responsible of Amazon to vet new sellers. But in response to our documents, we got a notice saying our account was suspended for “higher than expected number of cancellations”.  Weird because we had zero cancellations and indeed only happy customers.  Obviously a glitch had occurred.  Surely it would be straightened out soon, we figured. We filed an appeal through the proper channels, which said to expect a reply within 24 hours.

Those 24 hours passed and then 72, then more.  Nothing but stony silence.  We contacted a Seller Support team member who’d been helping us set up the account and he thought it was bizarre too.  He couldn’t see anything wrong.  He assured us it would get straightened out soon though….

Months passed, and all further attempts to go through the Seller Support or Performance teams just ended in silence.  Finally we hired a lawyer, the wonderful and talented Jeff Brelovski.  He helped us draft a letter to Jeff Bezos, the man himself!  It was a good letter, but our lawyer said we should get at least an acknowledgement of receipt within a day or two. A week passed with nothing.  This, our lawyer said, was unique in his experience.  The next step would be to hire a courier to deliver a letter and threaten arbitration… expensive even to contemplate, but we were contemplating.

Finally, two weeks after sending the letter, we got a notice from Amazon Seller Support that Jeff Bezos had received our letter, asked them to look into it and they were turning our account back on!  We are still mystified what went wrong, but we are grateful to both Jeff Bs and very relieved.  Visit us on Amazon and leave us reviews!  We’d love to get your feedback.


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