Keto vs Vegan — a look at Google Trends

Jennifer here with some thoughts to share — playing with Google Trends is an entertaining way to rub a crystal ball for cheap.  Sure, it doesn’t literally tell you the future but having a clear view of the past, unfiltered by media headlines, is a great way to predict things to come.  One thing we at Moon’s Grove Farms keep hearing (especially from US News & World Report) is that Keto is just a trend, and that it’s now being replaced by Vegan/plant-based diets.  Nothing wrong with being vegan but we don’t buy the hype!  There’s big corporate money behind pushing “impossible” meat-substitutes (full of processed GMO ingredients full of glyphosate) so maybe vegan’s growth isn’t organic but Miracle-Grow?

Google Trends reveals that vegan/vegetarian has been pretty steady over the last two years with a little uptick this past fall and particularly in November 2019 (World Vegan month!).  Keto, it appears, was increasing in popularity through mid 2018, slacked off a bit and then spiked hard in January 2019 (the typical diet resolution month).  It was fairly steady for the first half of 2019 then began trailing off a bit, spiking hard again in January 2020.  Still very popular, just perhaps not quite as overheated as 2018-2019.

While it’s easy to see how corporate money can influence headlines, it’s hard to imagine it truly swinging the behavior of individual Google users over years.  So I think there is some truth – veganism as an interest is rising and interest in the keto diet has fallen off a bit.  But it seems like an easy bet to say they’ll both continue to be very popular in 2020.

Highly recommend you go play with Google Trends yourself!  If you find anything interesting, please leave a comment.

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