Will Brame

Head Confectioner
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Co-author of Different Loving, archaelogist, home chef, keto enthusiast.


Will Brame keto weight lossSince his traumatic childhood and tumultuous early adulthood, Will has struggled with PTSD and depression. He had mobility issues from old injuries, which led to him becoming sedentary.  He gained a great deal of weight which worsened his health picture. When Jennifer was diagnosed with diabetes, Will started cooking Keto for her. After seeing her amazing success, he became a Keto believer and changed his own diet — and his life.  As of this writing, he has lost over 180 lbs on Keto while dramatically improving his moods, his mobility, and his overall health.

Will has had a number of careers, from archaeologist to best-selling author to craftsman and now as a state-certified Food Safety Manager and confectioner.  His journey gave him a passion for inventing and preparing clean, healthy, and unique low-carb treats.  He loves to share his hand-crafted candies so others can achieve their low-carb goals while taking joy in flavorful food.  He continues to lose weight and is always developing new recipes because he believes that no one needs to give up deliciousness to get healthy!