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About Moon’s Grove Farms

Will Brame - keto confectionerWill and I, Jennifer, started Moon’s Grove Farms in 2018 after losing over 250 lbs (combined) using a low-carb ketogenic diet. We share a sweet tooth and passion for good food! We also share a tendency towards obesity and, in my case, diabetes.

Avoiding sugar and sugary fruits on the ketogenic diet has helped us get healthy. My a1c is normal and all my diabetes symptoms are gone, so I’m sticking with eating healthy. Will was over 400 lbs at his heaviest and is now in the mid-200s and still getting leaner every day. Our health is great without sugar. But we missed the joy of candy in our lives.

Most sugar substitutes have a weird taste or don’t caramelize so can’t be used for making candy. Maltitol and similar sugar alcohols taste ok (not great) but even though they’re technically low-carb, still cause a rise in blood glucose and trigger insulin. For diabetics or people trying to avoid blood sugar spikes, there are very few acceptable and healthy sugar substitutes. Monk fruit, erythritol, maybe xylitol…

A candy revolution begins

Low carb candied citrus rinds

As part of fighting diabetes I have been helping run online support groups for diabetes and ketogenic diets, and following research very closely. I found out the rare sugar allulose recently became commercially available. The body of research on it is very positive and reassuring. It occurs naturally in figs, raisins, maple syrup and even the human body. It’s been studied for decades. but the process of refining it was too expensive. Now they are making it via a fermentation process from non-GMO corn… and it tastes just like sugar and caramelizes just like sugar.

Will got some and began experimenting. His first batch of allulose crystallized ginger was so good, it gave me joy I hadn’t been able to experience in years. He tried making other low-carb candy and was inspired to try candied citrus peels. They amazed us and our friends with their tasty, natural goodness — even our friends who weren’t following ketogenic diets but just looking to enjoy clean, natural candy.

Our friends and family encouraged us to share these treats with the world. Will and I are making every batch by hand in a shared commercial kitchen we’re renting.

We are grateful for our partnership with two local juice companies, Journey Juice and Roots Pressed Juices who are supplying us with citrus peels and working with us to reduce landfill waste and make healthy natural candy!